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I understand you have gone through storms
You have experienced untold hardships
And you are at a crossroad, contemplating if the sun will shine again.

Actually it will.

God is God on the mountains
He is still God in the storms
He is Lord in the whirlwind.
He is the God that reigns and rules over the lives of His children.

You are only seeing what is happening at the moment
Your present reality is what is readily obvious to you.

But there is more!

God sees the the end from the beginning.

He knows that you can make it out of this mess.

He believes in You.

Believe in yourself.

God has given you all that it takes to bounce back and shine.

Embrace the Sufficiency of His grace .
Embrace His unfailing Love.

The sun will shine again.
At the scent of water, you will bud.

You are vintage
A worthy vessel and the world is waiting to be blessed by your Light.

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