Who we are

Vintage Vessel International is a faith based non-profit organization that is dedicated to building women of influence and excellence. These women in turn reach out to the less privileged especially women and children who have been through devastating ordeals and experiences in life. We serve the poor and needy so that by all means possible, we contribute to reduce the level of poverty and the burden of hopelessness in the society.

Our Vision

Raising women of influence and excellence and making the world a better place one person at a time.

Our Mission

  1. Teach and empower people to own their stories and be a solution in their spheres of influence.
  2. Organize trainings, seminars, workshops and skill acquisitions for widows and the vulnerable
  3. Reach out to the less privileged and vulnerable by providing food and other support
  4. Provide soft loans to small business owners and monitoring the businesses to grow
  5. To lend a voice to the voiceless by offering social and legal services
  6. Provide mental and physical health interventions in rural communities
  7. Invest in farming and agriculture in order to provide food and jobs for community members.
  8. Intervene in public schools by renovations and provision of materials.
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Our Core Values

We believe that our life stories are pointers to our destiny fulfilment. We glean on them to form the guiding pillars for what we do:

  • Show Empathy
  • Be Selfless
  • Embrace Resilience
  • Nothing short of Excellence