Priscilla Benjamin-Olaoye

Mental Health Consultant and Strategist, VVI

Priscilla Benjamin-Olaoye is Mental Fitness expert of over a decade. She is the lead therapist at Waterbrooks Clarity Solutions. She is an  Employee Assistance Program Practitioner, providing psychological  support services to corporate organizations.

She is the founder of The Peak Network, a mental health awareness initiative bringing mental health awareness to over 20 million people, using diverse platforms.

In the area of Family life, she also serves as a professional sex counselor, facilitating practical and explicit classes on sexual issues. She was also a consultant on the USAID funded project, that developed the Better Parenting Nigeria Curriculum; which has impacted over 900 000 families throughout the federation. Described as “steel inside and velvet outside”, Priscilla is friend to all, a loyalist to those who understand it, and a comforting entity for human lives everywhere. She is happily married and enjoys reading, swimming and listening to inspirational music.